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Who can issue calibration certificates

Electrical instruments and devices need to be accurately calibrated if they are to work at optimal levels. This also needs to be done more than once, to ensure safety and accuracy. Having your electrical and other measuring equipment calibrated will require some significant expertise in the field. Speaking of which, you may be wondering who may issue calibration certificates, and how valid are they. Let’s take a closer look at the issue, and see what calibration standards are important to take note of.

What are calibration certificates?

Calibration certificates are nothing but a document which states that an instrument has been calibrated accurately. It provides details about the person or company who has provided the calibration, what the instrument itself was, the date of the calibration, the place of calibration and the manner of calibration.

It will also note if any adjustments needed to be made, and which.

The question being raised here is can anyone issue these certificates. The answer is yes, but there is a catch. The references on a certificate is what is important here.

Calibration certification templates

Since they can be issues by anyone, even though not everyone can know how to write this certificate, there are many templates available. You can find many of them online, and adjust them to your own calibration services, or the calibration performed on your machines or instruments. However, you should still turn to experts in calibration, who will be compliant with all the different national and international standards that are important for your industry.

Important references to keep in mind

There are some specific references that you should and can add to this certificate. Their purpose is to state that an instrument has been measured and calibrated proficiently, and that it is not operational to a certain standard. When these references are added, they can help you determine the standard you are operating under. This means that you will have additional security and peace of mind, knowing that everything is working just fine.

ISO 17025

Standard ISO 17025 is the key standard that is used in calibration testing. There is a whole list of these standards, but this is the most important one. In order to be in compliance, it is important for companies which are registered under ISO 9001:2008, or any derivative of it.

Calibration in accordance with this standard means you are certainly complying with national and international rules and regulations. And it is very important to be able to trace back the origins of the calibration, which is where the certificate comes in.

This is why you should always turn to certified and tested experts in calibration – like the ones at Powerpoint Engineering, to make sure that everything is being done right.

Even if you feel that calibration is not important, or that you can do without it, you are wrong. As time goes by, your instruments will be less accurate, and just thing of the harm and damage a faulty measurement can cause in any industry. You need to know exactly what you are dealing with, and only proper instruments can do that.

Set up a calibration schedule for all your measuring instruments, equipment and machinery, and make that call so that they can be checked properly. Only then can you sleep soundly and rest assured you are operating safely and in compliance with all the laws and regulations of your industry.