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The Importance of High Workplace Safety Standards and Personnel Tracking

Health and safety standards are an important aspect to consider within every line of work. In certain types of industry, however, where there is the use of heavy machinery and equipment, dangerous locations and potentially hazardous materials and gases present, high workplace safety standards are an absolute necessity. There are several ways in which these safety standards can be implemented, including utilising modern technology in order to track personnel on site. If you are the owner of a company, or in charge of the daily operation of a project where there are potential hazards present, it is important to have a clear plan of action in mind, including preventative measures and quick reactions and escape routes in any emergency circumstance.

Health and safety standards in the workplace have been improved upon over the decades in the UK, with legislation and regulations coming in to play in all sorts of industries and sectors. It has improved the well-being and safety levels of workers across the board, but there are still people suffering injuries (small and life-threatening) on a daily basis and there are always improvements that can be made to the way your company operates.

In some instances the health and safety standards of a company are left to stagnate, or are simply not up to scratch due to a lack of understanding, empathy, or greed as company owners do not want to cut into profits. Of course, health and safety should be at the forefront of the minds of company owners, especially in heavy industry, production, construction, engineering and similar lines of work. Without health and safety standards injuries can take place, some small, and some life-changing or even life threatening.

Injuries and death to employees will impact a company in multiple ways. The first being the psychological impact on other members of staff. Losing colleagues to injury, long-term illness or death makes the workplace an unfriendly, uncaring place to be. If a site, or company, is well known for being one that takes risks with its employees it will become harder to attract people to work there, see an increase in levels of insurance premiums and cause long-term corporate decline financially as a result.

On work sites where there are multiple working personnel, visitors on a regular basis in the form of suppliers, and potentially dangerous working scenarios it is important to have a full picture of exactly where people are and what is going on at any given time, if you are in charge of the operation. Personnel tracking technology is a fantastic way to maintain high standards of workplace safety, especially on work sites where there is potential danger and hazards aplenty in the form of machinery and equipment, high volumes of traffic and footfall, difficult to reach locations on site and potential dangerous gases and chemicals being used as part of the work. It allows you to track the movement of all people on site at any given moment, as well as have an accurate list of their details in case of emergency. As part of a wider health and safety programme it could be invaluable in the case of an emergency situation.