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Secretarial Services and Typing Services – Start-Up Cost

This is what you will need to begin a secretarial business and supply typing services and just what the believed start-up price is.

You can begin your secretarial business and supply typing services with only a pc, printer, a couple of business card printing, along with a pack of paper. You will get additional equipment and supplies later.

A pc. Any computer can get you began. You do not need a higher-finish computer for word processing. However, if you wish to provide graphics or website design services, then you will want for the greatest computer you really can afford. Cost: From $200 for any refurbished computer to $300-$2500 for any new computer. You’ll find used computers inside your local newspaper and specialized local computer publications.

Software: Most computers have a word processing program. I suggest using Ms Word once you are able to afford it because that is what much of your clients may have. Cost: Check Microsoft.com for current prices.

A printer: I suggest a laser printer however, many secretarial service operators and typists make use of an affordable printing device. Cost: From $10 for any used printing device or $400-$2000 for any laser printer. Have more information at the best Buy, Fry’s along with other computer stores. Check websites of HP, Cannon and Samsung.

A desk. You can aquire a small computer desk or make use of a table. Cost: $30 or more. There are many selections for $100-$200.

A pc chair. Pick one that feels comfortable for you. The greater costly chairs aren’t always probably the most comfortable ones. Check some office supply stores. Cost: $30-$200.

Office supplies online. Supplies you might need include paper to print your clients’ work, printer cartridge, pens, paper clips, envelopes, a filing system, along with a staple remover. Cost: Check local office supply stores for example Office Depot, OfficeMax, and Staples. Or order their catalogs.

A mobile phone: I suggest obtaining a separate line right from the start. Cost: Seek advice from the local phone company.

Business card printing: Printed business card printing will appear more professional than cards you print by yourself printer one sheet at that time. Cost: $20-$200 for some 500 to 1000 business card printing.

A company license. Cost: $20-$100 with respect to the city.

If you have a pc, a thing processing program along with a printer, your start-up price is minimal. You can begin your secretarial business and supply typing use some fundamental office supplies online and purchase additional equipment or software later whenever a project requires it.

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