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Keeping Air Quality in Office – Things to Consider

We all sit in the office for about eight to nine hours. For this time, we are sitting, working, eating and drinking in the same place. If the air quality is low, it is going to affect your overall health. That’s why, air quality in the office should be maintained. It also causes suffocation in the human beings if air quality is not good. That’s why, it is highly recommended to maintain good quality in office so that your staff can ensure good health and productivity. Some of the steps to be taken into account to maintain good quality of air are elaborated below:

Ensure circulation of air

It is strongly recommended to ensure that air is properly circulated all over the room. It should be free from obstruction of grills and air vents. This way, the air can be circulated freely in all parts of office environment. You should not place furniture, boxes, any materials near the windows, vents and grills because they stop the supply of the air into the office. You should also instruct all your employees not to keep their stuff near the vents.

Get rid of unpleasant odors

If you want to make the smell of your home better, you should try to get rid of all the bad odor. It has been noticed that employees keep throwing things in the bin which may include eatables, drinks, papers and other materials. It may cause the circulation of unpleasant odor within the interior of your office along with the growth of bacteria and mold. To get rid of this kind of odor, it is strongly recommended to clear the bin as soon as possible. You should train the housekeeping staff so that they can throw the waste materials from time to time. It will keep the office environment freshly smelling.

Lay out smoking policy

Some employees may want to take break from their schedule and smoke. That’s why, it is strongly recommended to lay out a smoking policy and provide them zone where they can smoke. This way, you will be able to keep the interior of your home fresh and pleasantly smelling.

Isolate areas for ventilations

It has been observed that some equipments and machines give out different odors when they are turned on such as fax machines, adhesives, solvents, pesticides and chemical compounds. In order to prevent these odors from circulating within the office, you should isolate these areas. Some people with problems like asthma may not be able to cope up with these smells. That’s why, it is always a good idea to keep different spaces for these equipments and machines. This way the office air will always smell fresh.

High quality fresheners

In order to keep the office smell fresh always, you can buy fresheners for different rooms, areas such as bathrooms and pantry. This way, you can get fresh air always. If your office smell is good, people will know how clean is office air quality.

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