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How to ensure safe working practices are adhered to on-site

When you have a team working on a construction site, there will be a multitude of hazards surrounding them that you, as their employer, will need to help them avoid. Safe working practices on construction sites are what enable your team to complete a job in a way that reduces the risk of injuries to their person, as well as upping their productivity levels.


The first action you should take when working with a team of individuals is to ensure that all of them are properly licensed to be working on-site and that they’re licensed to be working with the equipment that they will be using. This includes health and safety training, plant hire vehicle licenses, and their construction licenses.


Every individual working on-site should always be wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing for the job they’re completing. Basic PPE includes safety boots that have steel cap toes, hi-vis jackets, hard hats, and gloves. If your employees are working at heights, they will also need proper rigging set ups, as well as harnesses that are fully functioning, fit well, and regularly checked. Typically, construction workers also wear goggles and respiratory masks when working.

Fall protection

Speaking of working at heights, fall protection equipment is vital in a large number of construction environments. Slips, trips, and falls are the biggest causes of injury in the construction industry. As their employer, you should be providing safety nets, guardrails, harnesses, and proper equipment and protection for any job that takes your workers off of the ground.

A tidy site is a safe site

Look at the construction site that your workers have been working on. If there are badly parked plant hire machines, or tools and equipment lying around, then your construction site is immediately a hazard. Teach your workers to tidy away after themselves. If they aren’t using something, it should be out of the way, in its proper place, so that no one falls over it or crashes into it.

Ensuring that your workers are being safe

The easiest and most effective way of ensuring that your workers are adhering to any and all of your safety rules is to visit them on-site during their construction work. These friendly inspections will help you identify where the problem areas are, and which of your workers are working to all of your safety regulations.

Enforcing your safety regulations

You should make an effort to remind all of your workers of your company’s safety regulations before they start a new job. It can be difficult to enforce your health and safety rules when you, yourself, aren’t on-site, so it could be a good idea to appoint a respected and well-liked individual to safety officer or train someone for this role on each of your sites. This will help keep your workers safe on each construction site, while also allowing you to check in with a single person, rather than visiting each site personally.