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Everything A Small Company Must Know About Custom Packaging!

Packaging is critical for protecting the product and for marketing, and it is an aspect that cannot be ignored, no matter what kind of product you sell. Small businesses often go for generic boxes and packaging materials, which may save some money but doesn’t add anything to the brand value. There are several advantages of custom packaging boxes, and in this post, we are discussing some of the basic aspects that small brands and startups need to know.

What is custom packaging anyway?

Contrary to what many companies believe, custom packaging is not just about pasting a few brand stickers on generic product boxes. In simple words, it just means that the packaging has been designed for the needs of the product, keeping dimensions, weight, and other requirements in consideration. The packaging will also have brand information, such as the logo, with additional product details as required.Why spend on customizing?

Simply because custom packaging does ensure visibility for your product. When a product comes in a specific kind of box, a loyal customer would find it even in a shelf of hundred items. With custom packaging, small businesses can actually find the scope to become a brand that customers would recognize. Secondly, custom boxes are designed for the product, so there are is lesser risk of damage during shipping and transit. Also, you don’t have to spend more on inner cushioning.

Finding a vendor

Ordering custom packaging and boxes can be confusing for small brands, especially because they don’t have insane budgets to approach big manufacturers. Thankfully, there are vendors who do offer services for smaller companies, and the good news is you don’t have to place a big order right away. In fact, you can order as minimal as 100 boxes for the first order. If you want to compare custom packaging vendors, one of the best ideas is to evaluate their expertise in your industry and the extent of assistance they can provide. Many vendors do have their own team of in-house designers and graphic experts, who can even help in designing a box for your product. Get an estimate before you place an order, so that you can compare the prices better.

Final word

Don’t shy away from spending on custom packaging, because the benefits definitely outweigh the extra price you pay, and in the long run, it will ensure that your brand remains recognizable and valuable.