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All you Need to Know About Creating a Video Commercial

Advertising is a very effective way to sell products or services and video is perhaps the most persuasive of all, as it involves sound and vision combined. The process of creating a video commercial is indeed complex and if you are thinking about commissioning a short commercial to advertise your products, here is a detailed breakdown of the entire process.

Making Initial Contact with a Video Production House

This is, of course, the very first step and if you are searching for a top notch film production company in Dubai, a Google search is the best way to source such a company. The production house would request a meeting, where the creative director would discuss your needs and with as much client input as possible, the director would propose several concept ideas.

The Budget

This would be something to be discussed at the very outset and once a figure is agreed, the production company have something to work to. The sign of a good film production company is the ability to work with whatever budget the client has and also to get the maximum from that funding.

The Concept

Every short film must have an angle, a conceptual framework that the film will follow, and with the extensive experience of the video production company, you would eventually agree on a concept for the production. A storyboard would be drawn by the company artists and each frame or section would be discussed in detail with the client until such a time as there is a concrete script. Things like lighting and costumes would also be discussed and casting can then begin.

Location or Studio

Depending on the concept, the footage could be shot on location or in a professional recording studio, whichever is appropriate and once everything has been arranged, a shooting date will be set. Whatever the location, filming is an expensive proposition and therefore the schedule would be very tight, which helps to keep costs down. With everything ready on the set, filming can begin and the director would usually request several takes for each scene, as this gives him more scope in the editing room and once filming has finished, the next stage is the video editing.

Post Production Editing

Once all the film footage is safely under wraps, the video editing can begin and digital video editing has advanced greatly over the past few years, empowering the team to create a professional film that contains a strong message. Voiceovers and additional sound effects would be added at this stage, along with anything else the film contains, such as music and effects.


Of course, once the finished product is ready, the film needs to be distributed and where you decide to show your short promotional film is critical to its success. Normally, the production house would use their extensive network of associations and of course, you need to carefully define your target groups and work out how best to reach them.

If done professionally, a promotional video can deliver exceptional results, which is why so many well-known companies choose to have a video commercial produced.