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4 Reasons Why Your Drain Is Blocked

There are many signs when your drain is blocked. Your bathtub gurgles, the bathroom sink drains slowly, a pungent smell emerging from the kitchen sink and many more nightmarish clues. It will not just go away by itself. You need to grab a plunger that will help in cleaning up the blockage. If that still does not work, you need to call a professional and get it fixed. Here are the reasons why is your drain blocked.

  1. Foreign objects or debris

There could be many causes of a blocked drain like greasy soap residue, fatty deposits or food shoved down in the drain and many more. One of the most common causes of a blocked drain is foreign objects. No matter how small of an object it is, a small build up can accumulate over time by attracting more and more materials which leads to the blockage of the water flow completely.

  1. Heavy rains or storm

A flood or a storm is another reason which causes a blocked drain. It causes a heavy flow of water that rushes through the drainage system. If the gutters weren’t looked before this disaster happened, all the leaf and soil matter is built up and flushed through the pipes altogether. Stormwater pipes cannot tolerate large quantities of water, so they often block up after a huge rainfall. A blocked drain due to stormwater can be detrimental to the property, so it’s always wise to clean up the gutters on a regular basis. Hire a professional to help you clean it up.

  1. Broken pipes

A broken pipe hinders with the free flow of water and water build-up causes the drain to collapse entirely. Broken pipes usually happen through poor installation, age, and tree roots. The tree roots are quite detrimental to the pipes. If there is a tree that is interfering with the pipes, you need to look out for the same. If there is any blockage in the underground pipes, you need to go for an extensive investigation to identify the source of the problem. It is costly and depending on the source of the problem, it can be quite disruptive too.

  1. Incorrect pipe installation

Poorly installed pipes are also the contributors of a blocked drain. They are prone to get misaligned, they might even collapse, which leads to damage to yours as well as your neighbors’ property too. That is why it is necessary to hire a professional plumber to avoid the mess.