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3 Job Roles of Virtual Receptionist You Weren’t Aware Of

Everyone is aware of the major job roles of a virtual assistant—call answering, message delivering, managing your calendars and appointments etc. But the creativity knows no bounds. These day virtual assistant are super-equipped with some surprising ways to use the virtual assistants. Read on for the same.

  1. Handle your personal calendars as well as schedules

People believe that virtual assistant is only capable of helping with the business or work-related functions, but that is simply not the case with the leading-edge virtual receptionist of Office HQ. Our virtual receptionist can handle both personal and work calendar and schedules at the same time to make sure that no issue of overlapping or any event is forgotten in any way. Our virtual receptionist ensures that you are always caught up on the important dates and times so you don’t miss out on anything. You can ask your virtual receptionist to:

  1. Confirm the plans with your friends and/or family
  2. Keep adding new events and plans in your calendar as you keep requesting timely
  3. Set reminders to you about the upcoming events at a set date
  4. Return RSVPs to the necessary parties and accept invitations on your behalf.
  1. Book reservations on your behalf

Just because you have indulged your virtual receptionist in managing the office matters doesn’t mean that they cannot fully indulge themselves in your assistant role as well. Our virtual receptionists can make reservations for you with ease. Just mention them the name of the restaurant, location, number of guests, and the time, and the rest is history. Your virtual receptionist will book a table or a place for you on your behalf and confirm it with you at the same time. It is automatically added to your calendar as well. You can also ask your virtual receptionist to disperse away the invitation to the invited guests and inform you about their confirmation status as well.

  1. Place orders and shop for you online

If you have your children’s birthday coming up and have no time to shop around for gifts, you can ask your virtual receptionist to run this errand for you. And it’s not only limited to gifts, you can do the same if your workplace is running low on the office supplies and look after these orders for you. Just provide your receptionist with the list of the things you need, information for the credit card or PayPal account to complete the transaction. Your virtual receptionist will place the order on your behalf and secure your card information for later purchases just in case. You can also ask your virtual receptionist to destroy the card information immediately as per your instructions.